I really feel supported. When I started working here, I soon found out I could ask anyone anything.
Pim van Steen
After Sales Engineer

Pim van Steen joined Bluewater just four months ago, as a structural engineer, after completing his Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences graduation internship at a company working in floating wind. The out-of-office activities contribute to his overall positive experience of the company. 

I’d been interested in wind turbines for a long time, and I started searching LinkedIn for companies working in this area. I decided to print out my CV and stop by Bluewater. On the bus back home, I received an invitation for an interview. In my motivation letter, I indicated what I enjoyed doing and asked whether there was room to do it at Bluewater. When I initially applied, I though structural engineering might not be where I wanted to end up , but it soon became clear that I could expand in any direction. That clearly  shows that the company is really paying attention and striving to find a good place for everyone. Before I knew it, I was working in the structural engineering department. 

Learning a lot in a short time

What really appeals to me about floating wind is the fact that it is a highly innovative field, with a vast potential impact, that is not really being applied on a large scale yet. The tension leg platform, for example, is not yet widely used, but has a lot of potential for large-scale rollouts. I love being part of these developments - and working on giant structures is fascinating!    

In our line of work, you need to find numerous technological solutions, and link things that have never been linked before. That brings many challenges, but you also have a lot of room to come up with new solutions and work together with different departments. For example, I worked on developing a tool that provides insight into cable lengths. During a project like this, you can easily make connections with other departments. If you have a question, you can easily consult with an expert. I've only been working at Bluewater for four months, but this approach means I’ve been able to learn a huge amount and meet so many colleagues in a short time. Bluewater might be a fairly big company, but it feels pretty small, in a good way. I can quickly walk to another department, or to my boss, and have a chat or ask a question. People from different departments also sit together during lunch breaks.

Real support

Every four weeks I consult with my direct supervisor, and we look at what I’d like to do, and which programs can help me achieve that. I really feel supported. When I started working here, I soon found out I could ask anyone anything. Next month, I will be moving from structural engineering to the After Sales department, so I will soon be starting my new adventure here at Bluewater.

The Young Bluewater activities, for employees up to 35, immediately appealed to me. There are many opportunities to meet people of your own age group, as well as people from very different departments. I took part in one of the Young Bluewater pub quiz nights and enjoyed it a lot. I was soon invited to organize something myself! Before I know it, I was making up questions and acting as quizmaster. One of the great things about the quiz nights is the fact that teams consist of people from many different departments, who might not meet each other otherwise. Soon, Bluewater will organize a sailing event, for colleagues and their family members. I’ve heard people recalling how much fun these events are!

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